summer school registration

Summer session 2023 ~ Parent Only Orientation Wednesday 6/21 @ 6 p.m.; First day of summer classes, Thursday, 6/22. School is open 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and children’s schedule (Part-Day/Full-Day) is based on enrollment.

Millbrae Nursery School is owned and operated by its member parents. As a co-op, we rely on the willingness of our membership community to participate in order to ensure the successful operation and growth of our school. Members in good standing contribute regularly in the classroom, help maintain the school, adhere to the bylaws and rules, and pay tuition on time.

Parents/Family members work as assistants to the teaching staff on assigned participation day (3.5 hrs 1 time per week, 8:45 a.m. – 12:15). Each member that participates in the classroom must be in good health, over 18 years of age, and with verification of immunizations as required by the State of California.
It is important to be on time for your workday, be 5 – 10 min. early. If late, please call. This is why we ask our workday parents to arrive at 8:45. This allows the class to be open and ready for the children to arrive and play.

Please accompany your child in and out of the classroom each day. Your child must be signed in and out whenever he/she is in attendance at school. The time and your full signature are required. The sign in/out sheet will be located inside of the classroom. Upon arriving at school parents are asked to take their child to wash their (both parent & child) hands (either with magic soap or in the bathroom).

Children are not allowed to go through the gate or doors unsupervised. Children must be accompanied by an adult to go out to recess or go home. Please supervise the doors carefully whether or not you are a working parent. Please check to make sure that only your own child is following you out the door or gate.

If you or your child are ill and will miss your scheduled workday, you must exchange workdays with another participating parent or make a request more than 24 hours in advance to have someone replace you. The charge for missing a workday is $75. It is your responsibility to speak with your child’s teacher and/or admissions coordinator regarding your absence so that a replacement will be arranged for the workday. You are required to pay the fee as stated on the tuition schedule. If you do not hire a worker and/or do not show up for your workday, your child will not attend school until your next workday the following week.

A shoebox with a change of clothes is needed at school and will be kept in the children’s bathroom. Do try to check it regularly. Include diapers and wipes if your child needs them. We ask that you bring in a large container of wipes to be used for changes. The containers will be stored in the restroom and we will use one container at a time. Bottles and pacifiers should be left at home for health and safety reasons unless your child stays full time where these items may be used for nap time. Please mark your child’s clothing and items brought to school with their name to help the working adults keep track of jackets & clothing and other personal items.

Preschool students staying full-day will have a nap period in the afternoon. Please provide your child with the necessary bedding: blanket, sheet. All items need to be crib size; we cannot take oversized bedding as it needs to fit in the cubby. Please pick up your child’s bedding at the end of their school week. If your child’s last full-day is on a Wednesday please pick up their bedding on that day. Bedding should be washed and cleaned every week and returned by the following Monday. All bedding should be labeled and placed in an easily foldable bag with your child’s name. Please make sure that the bedding is folded and placed in their Labeled Bag to keep drop-off time efficient. Students who might dirty their bedding mid-week will need to launder and return the bedding on the next day of attendance for that student. Please provide an extra blanket to be stored for your child.

The school will not take any responsibility for any lost clothing or items brought to school.

Always inform the teacher of all injuries no matter the severity. All blood injuries will be dealt with by the teacher.
General rules are posted throughout the class. Please refer to them or ask the teacher if you are not sure. For example – “walking feet inside, running outside”, etc…
Snack Time – Adults need to sit down at the table with the children. Once all children are seated, begin to pass the utensils and then the food. Remind children to use table manners. Please have a positive attitude when children are unsure of the snack, you may try the snack to help with encouragement. Be aware of Allergic Children and their food allergies. We are a NO Nut Facility.

When outside, if assigned the horse swing area, children may never be left unattended. Please keep the gate shut and children may wait their turn on the other side of the gate (by the tree) away from the swings. Horse swing parent is the last parent to come in from the yard; they must do a complete sweep of the yard making sure that all children are inside. Please check the fort, tunnels, playhouse, and any possible hiding places for children before going inside and closing the doors.

Help the children follow the arrows when riding bikes/trikes and scooters to avoid crashes. Remind them to park their cars & bicycles when finished using them. If a child needs to use the restroom please notify the lead teacher who will take them in and return to your assigned area in the yard. Please inform other outside parents when you are leaving your area so they can help supervise when you are not there.

The loft area is opened by the teacher and is a quiet space. Only 5(five) children are allowed up at a time with an adult. There are no throwing objects down from the loft. Climbing helps children to coordinate their arms and legs, reinforcing internal awareness of the two sides of the bodies and top and bottom. If needed an adult will stand in the loft ladder area to help direct children on the placement of their hands and feet as they climb up/down to/from the adult waiting in the upper loft area.

Extended care is available for any child enrolled in or has been enrolled in a regular Millbrae Nursery School class (basic three-hour class) who requires care on a day they don’t normally attend or before & after class. It is offered to those who request it from the admissions coordinator or teacher IF space is available. The request for extended care must be made in advance of usage. Children in extended care must be signed in and out of the school each day and the teacher must be notified of the child’s arrival.

Extended care is available from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday unless otherwise mentioned. Extended care is at the rate of $12 per hour if scheduled by June 20th or $14 if scheduled after June 20th as drop-in. Students may use extended care if they are 6(six) and under. They must be enrolled or have been enrolled in Millbrae Nursery School. This must be approved by the front office.

A charge of $1 per minute beyond the 4:30 p.m. close of school will be assessed and needs to be paid to the school. Abuse of services may result in termination of enrollment and/or losing the ability to use care.

If at any time you have questions, please talk with your child’s teacher, a staff member or a board member. We hope you will have a rewarding experience at Millbrae Nursery School.

MNS will use for our full-day families’ digital communication.