Welcome to Millbrae Nursery Preschool

Why Choose a Cooperative Preschool?

Taking part in a cooperative preschool allows you to be directly involved with your child’s early education. Being able to supervise your child, ensure your child is safe, and cooperate with the best teachers anywhere is the best of both worlds. Interacting with a community of other parents who share your commitment to Early Education and receiving modeling by the qualified teachers and aides as you help. Bond with your child and create a LIFETIME of memories together. Most importantly, choosing a cooperative preschool gives you extra time to bond with your child and create memories together. Your child will always know that education is important in your family because you live it every day.

Millbrae Nursery Preschool is a nonprofit, cooperative preschool. Since 1938, Millbrae Nursery School has been providing a safe and social educational experience for children 2-5 years of age and their families.

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